What it is

Openqdb is a piece of software written in PHP 4 which uses a MySQL database to store user-submitted quotes. Anyone can vote on these quotes to rate how good they are and those with a special moderator account can allow or reject submissions and edit them. For those who are familiar with the sites or, Openqdb is a reimplementation of them for anyone to use and start their own site.

Why it is

But you'll hear a lot of "should have" and "could have been" with It is no secret that the management has been — for easily over a year — deliberately prohibiting the betterment of the site and features. It's harsh to say and some would claim "bullshit" on that fact, but it would have been extremely trivial for the management to develop new features and a better site, should they have had the desire.

— josh AT myoala DOT com (aka "Josho" of #geekissues at EFNet)

While bash and QDB are OK at what they do, their management is at best dubious. Even the moderators are fed up with the behaviour of the administration, and it's often been observed that many amusing quotes are rejected while transparent clichés are accepted.

Besides, in the event that bash or QDB goes down, quotes may well be lost permanently as they are centralised repositories and not many people bother to keep backups of them. It's more reliable overall if people run their own quote sites. Those who run have not felt a need to make the source code running open source. [1]

Releasing public domain software to enable people to setup their own sites can only be a good thing.

Conditions of use/licensing

It's public domain software; no one holds any copyright on it. You may incorporate it into your own code, steal it wholesale. Heck, you can even try and take credit for it if you feel like it.

Disclaimer: Openqdb is a quick hack put together in the space of about a couple of weeks spread over two years. Use at your own risk. This software has NO warranty; not even for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


The latest version is 1.2.1 (20.2kB). These older versions are also available:

Pre-0.5 versions are no longer available. They're pretty awful.