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buttesnet #neurotic

<@nobody> race mixing is wrong
<@nobody> ergo obama is wrong.
<@nobody> QED: Vote McCain, pure white power.
<@Casper> I tihnk the QED bit goes last
<@nobody> that's the only part of that statement you have issues with?


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<@Karabiner> I like pee porn
<@Karabiner> not neccessarily people peeing on eachother
<@Karabiner> but girls peeing on the toilet is pretty sexy and cute
<@Karabiner> Why do I tell you these things?
<@Karabiner> Because I yearn to be in Prick


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<incog> oh god i feel fucking human again
<incog> 2 days of not showering is my own personal hell
<zybl0re> dead niggers?
<incog> personal heaven


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buttesnet #buttes

<Kalle> I haven't had an erection for a month


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<@ScheisseGern> mikael, the founder of AA experimented with LSD
<@ScheisseGern> bill wilson
<@sam> was that before he found christ
<@ScheisseGern> after
<@weasel> i would have thought during


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Buttesnet #onebutan

< sonatinas> his wife looks young
<@stabby> she was engineered by jon ives
<@BonzoESC> jon ives would eliminate seams and slots
<@BonzoESC> if jon ives designed girls they'd be cylinders with rounded edges
<@BonzoESC> haha but on the plus side they would all be white


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<@hello> why the fuck is afed always so gross
<@rolloffle> he had 22 years to think of wack fetishes


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buttesnet #onebutan

< kalleboo> "Singapore Airlines flight attendants endure five months of schooling, about four times the average"
<@sam> kalleboo: you know, Catbus likes his girls with only five months of schooling, too


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buttes #onebutan

<@pebkac> i bought a water-ctivated gel cleanser and a honey almond body scrub yesterday at aveda
<@pebkac> for lols
< engimotion> pebkac: you're pretty gay
<@sam> god you're gay
<@pebkac> my mom didn't get it when i called to tell her
< zap> holy gayness


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buttesnet #cockes

<znutar> hahah, I clicked on the [h]ard link in that posting
<znutar> and it's pulling text ads for meeting men
<znutar> I wonder if that's because I came from SA
<mikael> lol


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<jre> The Gods Must Be Aspie was my favourite
<jre> Aspiecalypse Now
<Raz> Li'l Aspie
<Raz> Lock, Stock, and Two Fidgeting Aspies
<jre> Aspies on a Plane
<Raz> Resident Evil: Aspiecalypse
<jre> The Godaspie
<Raz> Aspiens Versus Sexual Predator
<jre> The Aspieboy
<Raz> The Aspie Terminator
<Raz> Crouching Niger, Hidden Aspie
<jre> Crouching nigger
<jre> One Hour Aspie
<Raz> Aspie and the Chocolate Factory
<jre> Aspie on the Moon
<jre> THe Aspie Job
<Raz> Enter the Aspie
<Raz> Aspie Space
<Raz> Once Upon a Time in Aspie
<jre> Silence of the Aspies
<jre> One Flew Over the Aspie's Nest
<Raz> The Aspie Pianist
<Raz> hey I'm reading that book
<jre> compulsively


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buttes #cockes

<mroach> Winkie: how's planet earth
<Al> it sucks cos your fat ass is still on it


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<Popeye> AS ROBIN REQUeSTED, i've finished drawing a picture of a bulbasaur raping misty with tentacles while a shemale pikachick fucks her face ( i added the pikachick on my own discretion)
<Popeye> i havent scanned it yet
<rolloffle> Popeye: THAT FUCKING RULES


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<pagga> i'm o6ing hard
<vx`> so am I
<pagga> had about 3 hours sleep each night for past few days
<vx`> mentally
<pagga> due to late night bloggin'
<pagga> same here actually
<vx`> well i did sleep one way or another i guess
<vx`> just the kind of fast-paced sleep where you don't really feel as if you'd have slept at all
<vx`> thus i'm sitting in my 4 cornered room reading buttes quotes
<vx`> wondering whether i slip down to their level one day
<vx`> [ Add a comment to this blog entry ]


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trufflemongers #gapp

<pagga> amat: why did you emoquit SandNET
<pagga> it's probably my favorite bodypart


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buttesnet #cockes

<afed> snow is proof that god does not exist
<afed> because if god really existed
<afed> he would not send snow
<afed> he would send unicode snow like incog
<afed> where you touch a single flake and it balloons into a snowbank and buries you


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buttes #cockes

<rolloffle> Researchers have been confounded by a paradox: Black women are less likely than white women to get breast cancer, and yet they are significantly more likely to die from the disease. Some of this can be attributed to black women's lack of access to good screening. "That gap is being closed," Mitchell said, "but the gap in mortality is still widening."
<Al> hahahaahah cancer is racist
<Al> that's fucking awesome


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buttesnet #sass

<incog> i haev eaten 8 500mg codeine tablets in the last hour
<rolloffle> The recreational dose of codeine is between 60 mg and 400 mg; a dose over 400 mg will be wasted, because the liver cannot metabolise any more than that amount at once.
<incog> rolloffle, its not pure codine so most of what i ate is talc and other filler
<incog> each tablet contains 8mg
<incog> the rest is talc and oh shit... paracetemol
<incog> great
<incog> sould have read this sooner lol


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buttes #hyperzone

<strid> some times mirc does this weird thing where it moves the text entry marker all the way over on the right side
<strid> it's pretty lol...
<Al> that's your gut pressing down your space bar, fatty


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<a43> Swedish couple fined for naming their child "Brfxxccxxmnpcccclll mmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116"
<rolloffle> that's discriminatory against Welsh people


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<aempirei> i have some weed in the trash
<dukeku> dont smoke that trashweed
<aempirei> that i assumed i vaporized all the THC off of
<aempirei> since i smoked it off foil
<aempirei> i did last nite
<t12> lol
<aempirei> and i was like
<t12> are you freebasing weed
<aempirei> brain-thinking
<aempirei> yea dude
<dukeku> lol
<dukeku> what
<dukeku> why would you do that
<aempirei> my brain was going
<aempirei> it was doing brain stuff
<aempirei> i was like dang
<aempirei> i TOTALLY forgot what critical thinking was like


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buttesnet #onebutan

< zeba> Hi I make software for faggots
< Ulf> zeba: link to your app on itunes plz


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Buttes #cockes

moira_> for any sport I could name you could name an anime based around that sport
moira_> because you are a big nerd
darren_> uh you can't name any sports, because you're a bigger nerd
darren_> o sorry i forgot there is one sport you know
darren_> <moira_> uh, blurnsball, duhhh


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<@LiteralKa> now: reading aristotle's nicomachean ethics
<@LiteralKa> next: write shit on how jews did wtc


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<wnorrix> hmm
<DaD[WoRK]> here I am, wasting time downloading crappy upgrades... and they have them on a shared nfs drive
<wnorrix> DaD[WoRK]: what are you up to?
<DaD[WoRK]> obvioudly they didn't didn't know about it :P
<DaD[WoRK]> shhhh
<DaD[WoRK]> 1 more hour's worth of work is good :P
<DaD[WoRK]> OMG chicken
<DaD[WoRK]> I love this company :P


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<mith> just realised
<mith> trolling facebook re: osama not best idea
<mith> these people get the chance to punch me in the face on a regular basis
<mith> was very excited when i heard a arab got killed
<mith> was disappointed it was osama and not arab tho :(
<mith> i made the mistake of posting how i really feel


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<@Catbus> i love how hello has this vendetta of idiocy against me
<@oxxiox> no he's just opposed to sick fucking scumbags


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buttes #cockes

<incog> rolloffle , voilent internet porn was banned in the uk this morning
<Gudrow> lady sonia is going on the dole


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<snb> albany might as well be in massachusetts
<HunterX11> snb: i actually fly to albany to visit my dad in western MA yeah
<HunterX11> nobody in america seems to understand western MA is nowhere near boston
<snb> lol
<HunterX11> i tell them he's basically in vermont
<HunterX11> "oh wow is your dad okay i heard about boston?" what they that launched multiple ground detenations of h-bombs and theres a strong east wind?


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<@hello> ur mom works for the mega corporation in my pants
<@hello> it's called Dong Corp
<@moira_> that's really more of an LLC you've got in there, hello
<@weasel> last i heard they were filing for chapter 11
<@sam> loling
<@hello> that's odd, because we're going public next week
<@weasel> that's illegal in most civilized places
<@moira_> least anticipated public offering ever
<@hello> your mom is buying a MINORITY stake
<@sam> my panis do not up and i have a problem with my penny stocks


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buttes #onebutan

<@mroach> i loaned my friend my laura 2 months ago and haven't seen it since
<@swingler> i read that as "i loaned my friend laura my phone"
<@swingler> and then reread it
<@swingler> and realized that yes, it was as pitiful as i feared

Comment: laura is a codename for some shitty phone


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hardbuttes #flashsupport

< incog> its nice to think that some other dorks are having the same coversation an unimaginable distance away but in wingdings


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buttesnet #cockes

<Kalle> kleenex and tjoilet paper everywhere
<Kalle> and towels
<Kalle> people react to these things when they are in my room
<Kalle> I need to start hiding things


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buttes #cockes

<engimo> i have discovered a compression algorithm which this chat is too small to contain
<engimo> haha, they'll be meddling with that one for the next 300 years
<octalc0de> compress your compression algorithm with your compression algorithm
<octalc0de> it'll make it fit
<engimo> octalc0de: good idea
<engimo> here it is:
<engimo> ¬¬?¬?¬
<octalc0de> o thx
<octalc0de> patenting, sucker
<engimo> too bad i can't tell you the algorithm so that you can decompress it


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<aempirei> i hate it
<aempirei> im depressed
<aempirei> the weatjher sucks
<aempirei> the feds r after me
<aempirei> iswhould hang myself
<dukeku> why
<dukeku> are they after you
<aempirei> whoops wrong person
<aempirei> im not aaron schwartz
<dukeku> lol
<hex> lol


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buttes #cockes

<Raz> I really hope someone develops a cooperative rape game for the Wii, where you team up with 3 other people to control the limbs of a rapist and try to keep your victim under control


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<incog> sometime last year i had a right scare, thought i caught herpes simplex... thats untreatable too
<incog> turned out to be just an infection
<incog> and then a few days after, i nearly covered my dong in formaldehyde... it was next to the topical cream and the tube was the same size
<rolloffle> you keep formaldehyde in your medical cabinet?
<incog> in my desk draw
<rolloffle> oh
<incog> i cant even imagine the pain and complications of smearing formaldehyde on my junk
<incog> lucky i noticed it was clear and not white before applying it
<rolloffle> formaldehyde smells, too
<rolloffle> but I guess your dong drowned it out
<incog> going to the doctors was kinda strange too... having to say that the last sexual intercourse i had with my girlfriend at the time was anal and having him poke around my flaccid cock with this cold fingers
<incog> i never want to go through that again
<incog> seriously
<incog> im never having sex again


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buttesnet #cockes

<rolloffle> I should totally write an irc log compressor so I can totally store my logs in less space :O
<wz> its called bzip2
<wz> its a good text compressor
<mikael> I bet it doesn't even have special cases for "huh" or "w/e"
<zeba> mikael: lol moira dict
<zeba> 1 huh
<zeba> 2 glug
<zeba> 3 what
<zeba> 323213123123123123123123123123123123213123123 <-- 1 hr of moira


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* Zeikfried slowly sobers up
<Zeikfried> need some fucking vodka
<rolloffle> vodka sobers you up?
<Zeikfried> no, I need it to stop the sobriety


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< lncog> somebody really needs a wronte a script that spiders all wikipedia category tags and then lays everything out in one vast venn diagram
< zapanig> what purpose would that serve
< zapanig> cure for insomnia?


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<afed> how can you manage the development of anything with windows
<afed> that is like prison guards guarding a prison while wearing french maid outfits and ballgags


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buttes #cockes

<Kalle> oh you mean you drink it for the alcohol content?
<incog> badly
<Kalle> lool
<incog> this coming from a GAMBLING addict

Comment: internet superiority


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buttes #cockes

<sam> After years of sporadic yoyo dieting I've taken a long, hard look at my jiggling girth and decided this town aint big enough for the both of us any more. Combining things I've learned from the various diets, things my health-obsessed mother has indoctrinated me with, and info from this forum, I've brought about a lifestyle change (N.B. not diet).
<Al> well maybe eating yoyos ain't such a great idea, for starters


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<@zeba> wangzang: did your nipples grow back?
<@eam> when you prune them they grow back threefold
<@wangzang> huh, they were never gone. x_Q
<@zeba> eam is a dicknipple factory. One fucked up nipple led to 3 others and the rest is history.
<@eam> it changed my life


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buttes #cockes

<rbk> fidel castro is dead
<ScheisseGern> rbk: what, link
<hello> rbk: o rly
<rbk> no, jk
<hello> fuk u
<ScheisseGern> F U
<hello> ScheisseGern: i loaded drudge lol
<hello> and then google news

Comment: yhbt


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buttes #sass

<Fishmech> hypnotic is going to be a millionaire by year's end
<Fishmech> he has a picture
<Fishmech> with him sitting at the computer with a pile of $100 bills in front of him
<rolloffle> Hypnotic and KIR should have a money photographing contest


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buttes #cockes

<afed> challenger blew up because a woman was driving


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buttes #cockes

<emofade> i kill people who steal my car FYI
<Al> no you don't
<emofade> how do you know
<Al> because you're an anemic nerd with brittle little wrists
<Al> any halfway-competent car thief could crush your puny windpipe like a rotten banana


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<incog> k im not doing so good, i think my kidneys are doing a song and dance again, amma have to go to the drs and tell them this isnt working out
<incog> because if i carry on im gonna be a shivvering, puking mess
<Winkie> sounds like you have food poisoning incog
<Winkie> not organ failure
<incog> nah
<Winkie> but i'm sure you have 1400 specialists telling you that it's definitely dramatic organ failure
<Winkie> that luckily you're well enough to relay into irc and don't need immediate hospitalisation
<incog> its k, i know what im doing
<Winkie> that has never been true
<Winkie> you live in a bradford attic working occasionally for venue security
<incog> winkie is trying to tell me that i dont know what the start of kidney failure feels like because im jobless
<incog> despite having it before
<incog> classy

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