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buttesnet #cockes

<Shaniqua> zeba is willing to pay good money to watch io frot with Hodapp
<Hodapp> zeba is willing to pay good money to watch io frot with Hodapp
<Hodapp> That would be something else


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buttes #onebutan

<@io_of_the_ZZZune> Ugh
<@io_of_the_ZZZune> For whaever reason I drank a beet
<@io_of_the_ZZZune> beer
<@io_of_the_ZZZune> then went to bed
<@io_of_the_ZZZune> woke up
<@io_of_the_ZZZune> my mouth tastes like I just got done eating mroach's ass
<@Skroob> lol
<@Skroob> so you woke up feeling like victor?


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SandNET #arab

<@arabCHEAPBEER> 6:48hrs
<@arabCHEAPBEER> til sunlight
<@arabCHEAPBEER> until then infid3ls coloured night
<@arabCHEAPBEER> shall give me hope
<@infid3l> i wonder if she misses me :<
<@arabCHEAPBEER> no
<@arabCHEAPBEER> she doesnt thik about
<@arabCHEAPBEER> you at all
<@infid3l> ur prolly rite
<@arabCHEAPBEER> since thats hard2o
<@arabCHEAPBEER> when you're like
<@arabCHEAPBEER> sucking dick
<@arabCHEAPBEER> and breathing
<@infid3l> wow
<@arabCHEAPBEER> through yoru nose
<@infid3l> lol dude thats nt cool
<@arabCHEAPBEER> it is: the truth
<@infid3l> fuck why
<@infid3l> would u say
<@infid3l> that
<@arabCHEAPBEER> because you're adull faggot kike non-kurd
>>> emoquit/infid3l!(infid3l@gaychat) (leaving)
<@arabCHEAPBEER> emoquit

Comment: infid3l SQUIT his hub after this


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Buttes #cockes

oblique> lmao i started attacking a 70 elite and forgot i had rez sickness x_@


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synirc #crackhouse

<goonunit> what the fuck
<goonunit> are you guys drugging kids now
<Diet_Crack> been doing so since 1992.
<Rocco> its not a bad thing as long as you do it correctly


(29.55 / 44)

<darren|uni> hmm
<jre|awau> hmm
<moira__> huh


(15.79 / 19)


<anisotropy> incog: have you jacked off to lemonparty yet?
<incog> no.
<anisotropy> Why haven't you tried to?
<incog> i prefer mushroom clouds and wtc clips


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SandNET #arab

<arab> qwat the fuck
<arab> is a ferrt
<infid3l[eMo]> lol
<infid3l[eMo]> like a weasel
<alfonzo-chan> with a big pooper
<arab> infid3l[eMo]: why do your define yourself in life by drowning your pathetic existence in your little pet animals
<arab> try something bigger
<[+..+]> u big lier
<arab> like an elephant
<infid3l[eMo]> lol
<arab> maybe it would sit down
<arab> on you
<[+..+]> yeah infid3l
<infid3l[eMo]> why are u so hostile
<arab> so it wouldn't have to
<arab> tolerate
<arab> the horrid
<arab> appearence
<arab> of your zit-infested
<arab> hexagon face puke
<arab> i'm not hostile
<[+..+]> you ignore arab diatribe on your lack of introvertial subjective
<arab> i'm creative
>>> emoquit/infid3l[eMo]!(infid3l@gaychat) (leaving)

Comment: infid3l SQUIT his leaf after this


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synIRC #ai

<&dasvolk[w]> I'm getting married on October 26th in Rancho Cucamonga, and I'm looking for someone with an awesome car who can be our "getaway" driver after the reception is over. The getaway is mostly for show, really, to signify that we're gone and for our guests to get the hell out of the house.
<&dasvolk[w]> I'd like to hire you and your CTS-V, if you're interested. You'll only be needed for a maximum of one hour.
<&dasvolk[w]> Would you be interested in getting paid to do something like this? What would it be worth to you?
<&dasvolk[w]> I look forward to meeting you at the Barbecue in Brand Park.
<&dasvolk[w]> Thanks,
<&dasvolk[w]> The Iron Giant

Comment: A private message sent from The Iron Giant (aka eaglebtc) to Das Volk


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SandNET #arab

>>> join/#arab (amat!love@
>>> mode/#arab (+o amat) by arabCHEAPBEER
<@arabCHEAPBEER> infid3l: our love our passon
<@arabCHEAPBEER> infid3l: youbve forgotten about our lolve
<@infid3l> :(
<@infid3l> i: miss: 15yo
<@infid3l> wnt: 2bwith: 15yo
<@infid3l> going2: kill: myself
<@arabCHEAPBEER> me: too
<@arabCHEAPBEER> wnt: 2bwith: 20yo chilean
<@arabCHEAPBEER> which: i miss
<@arabCHEAPBEER> i hate: myself
<@infid3l> :<
<@arabCHEAPBEER> :|

Comment: this is qwat amat joining causes


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buttes #onebutan

<@will> i would paste a screenshot to this # but amazon is currently recommending the star trek encyclopedia to me
<@will> and i don't
<@will> need that on the record

Comment: it's on the record now


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buttesnet #cockes

<Catbus> hey lets all form a network to hear about bleep's resume
<Catbus> we'll call it trufflemongers


(26.09 / 23)

SandNET #arab

<@arab> infid3l[eMo]: should i drink a cold cup of coffee
<@arab> or should i go downstair
<@arab> s
<@arab> and cook milk
<@infid3l[eMo]> cook milk?
<@arab> yes
<@arab> yea
<@arab> cook milk
<@infid3l[eMo]> wtf does thah me
<@arab> for said coffee
<@arab> cook milk
<@arab> you fucking
<@infid3l[eMo]> u mean heat it up
<@arab> oh
<@arab> well
<@arab> boil
<@infid3l[eMo]> does it make it creamier
<@infid3l[eMo]> (((fag)))
<@arab> nah it makes it warmer
<@infid3l[eMo]> yea i called u a fag
<@arab> like your body
<@arab> when you're near me
<@infid3l[eMo]> wat u gonna bout it
<@arab> u fuken fag
<@infid3l[eMo]> hey motherfucker
<@infid3l[eMo]> you fill me w/ glee
<@arab> fag
<@arab> i want to kiss you
<@infid3l[eMo]> when i look @ u i feel safe
<@infid3l[eMo]> faggot
<@arab> with my dongue


(26.09 / 23)

<Fishmech> lesbianism was explicitly legal in england
<Mr_X> lesbianism should not only be legal but also encouraged and then filmed


(15.38 / 13)


<anisotropy> Wow I haven't worn pants in like 10 days


(29.63 / 27)

<will> MrBrainsample: how's the highway to the friend zone
<Super_Mike> will: fast track
<Super_Mike> destination: accomplished
<will> MrBrainsample: update
<will> MrBrainsample: update
<MrBrainsample> will: what
<will> MrBrainsample: how'd your hot date go
<MrBrainsample> scroll up or something
<MrBrainsample> I'm done discussing it with faggots
<will> MrBrainsample: it's not in my lastlog
<MrBrainsample> welp,
<will> welp
<will> Super_Mike: looks like this one's a goner
<MrBrainsample> will: basically it doesn't matter what I say
<will> what
<will> MrBrainsample: yes it does
<MrBrainsample> I could be telling you we're going out to dinner tomorrow, and you'd still be spouting off FRIENDZONE FRIENDZONE FRIENDZONE
<will> deep down inside we are really nice people
<MrBrainsample> like your faggot friend Super_Mike has been doing
<will> who care deeply about whether or not you get head
<MrBrainsample> uh huh
<will> it is our concern as fellow brahs
<MrBrainsample> well really, you don't
<MrBrainsample> so there's no point in me telling you about it
<will> keep telling yourself that
<will> but we'll be here for you
<will> natties will be cracked
<MrBrainsample> yeah I'm sure you will
<will> 8D
<MrBrainsample> go crack some natties with Super_Mike while you two frot about it
<will> 8D 8D
<MrBrainsample> in any case there's a semi future date set up but I don't think I'm going to see her again because frankly I didn't feel like we hit it off
<will> hitting it off is not a prerequisite for boning
<MrBrainsample> no but I don't work the same way as you or Super_Mike
<MrBrainsample> I don't go off friday nights and beg to have a dick stuck up my ass to anyone who will do it
<will> martin you have quite a bit of pent up frustration
<will> is it because you haven't been laid since the french renaissance
<Hodapp> so wait
<Hodapp> let me get this straight
<Hodapp> just so I am understanding
<Super_Mike> MrBrainsample is very sensitive about his ARGENTINIAN MAYBE FRIEND
<Hodapp> martin is attempting to date a girl that he's never met who he knows through facebook who has a boyfriend
<Hodapp> and hasn't been laid since the stone age
<Hodapp> and is angry
<MrBrainsample> no she broke up with him
<Super_Mike> lets do some math
<Super_Mike> goon + girl = friendzone
<MrBrainsample> obviously if I don't want to go out with her because I don't feel like we hit it off, I'm not going to want to be friends with her
<MrBrainsample> so stick friendzone up your ass
<Super_Mike> along with everything else
<will> MrBrainsample: i'm friends with all sorts of people i haven't hit it off with
<will> thats kinda weird logic
<MrBrainsample> ok great but I have plenty of friends
<MrBrainsample> and I have nothing in common with this girl other than we both speak spanish
<Super_Mike> will: obviously if you strick out hard and fall into the friendzone you have to pretend like you dont care
<MrBrainsample> I really don't see myself hanging out with her
<Super_Mike> man...i got LOTS of friends
<minivanmegafun> when did this turn into #relationships
<will> Super_Mike: looks like it
<Super_Mike> i dont need some vapid cunt hanging around
<MrBrainsample> ok guys thanks for the advice
<stopmakingsense> !op
<Super_Mike> minivanmegafun: more like #trollthegoon
<stopmakingsense> :(
* will gives channel operator status to stopmakingsense
<minivanmegafun> wtf
<MrBrainsample> I'm going to become friends with every slut and jock that comes along
<minivanmegafun> itunes 7.4.3?
<Super_Mike> iZune?!@?!!
<minivanmegafun> when did this come out
<MrBrainsample> even if I have absolutely nothing in common with them
<MrBrainsample> because hey, I'm just in denial!
<MrBrainsample> and I need friends!
<Super_Mike> MrBrainsample: you're so not chillax right now
<will> ^
<Super_Mike> why dont you just turn on the xbox
<will> MrBrainsample: crack a natty
<Super_Mike> get some madded going
<Super_Mike> madden*
<Super_Mike> turn on the jack johnson
<MrBrainsample> perhaps it's because I'm sick of the incessant faggotry from you two
<will> Super_Mike: i mean we are fags
<MrBrainsample> I don't even own an xbox
<will> Super_Mike: but are we incessant
<Super_Mike> fact
<Hodapp> Super_Mike: are you really gay
<Hodapp> god what is with all the faggots in this channel
<Super_Mike> but honestly, no one should ever come into #onebutan and brag about their HOT DATE
<Super_Mike> GUYS
<Super_Mike> THIS GIRL
<Super_Mike> I TELL YA
<Super_Mike> she's PERFECT
<Super_Mike> shes,,,from argentina
<minivanmegafun> BUT I DON"T KNOW SHT ABOUT HER
<Super_Mike> THATS IT
<MrBrainsample> ...
<Super_Mike> prolly gonna marry her
<will> HAY GUYS
<MrBrainsample> I never said this
<Super_Mike> i've been saving myself for her
<will> HAY GUY
* MrBrainsample sets ban on *!*
* MrBrainsample has kicked will from #onebutan (w/e)
* MrBrainsample sets ban on *!*
* MrBrainsample has kicked Super_Mike from #onebutan (w/e)
* minivanmegafun sets ban on *!*
<MrBrainsample> faggots should be killed on sight
* minivanmegafun has kicked MrBrainsample from #onebutan (minivanmegafun)
<minivanmegafun> :D
* minivanmegafun removes ban on *!*
* minivanmegafun removes ban on *!*
<RAruler> van everyone
<minivanmegafun> VANNED!
* Super_Mike ( has joined #onebutan
* removes ban on *!*
* MrBrainsample ( has joined #onebutan
* CupertinoBudLord420 gives channel operator status to MrBrainsample
<Super_Mike> listen up
* will ( has joined #onebutan
* CupertinoBudLord420 gives channel operator status to will
<Super_Mike> in your native tounge
* MrBrainsample sets ban on *!*@408DA930.6B34A88.81D249CA.IP
<minivanmegafun> fucking >:(
* MrBrainsample has kicked minivanmegafun from #onebutan (you can join them too you homo)
* MrBrainsample sets ban on *!*
* MrBrainsample has kicked Super_Mike from #onebutan (.)
* MrBrainsample sets ban on *!*
* MrBrainsample has kicked will from #onebutan (.)
<stopmakingsense> my wife got a job offer for less pay, but more hours
<MrBrainsample> she should totally take it
* removes ban on *!*
* will ( has joined #onebutan
* CupertinoBudLord420 gives channel operator status to will
* MrBrainsample sets ban on *!*
<stopmakingsense> 16.50/hr compared to 20/hr
* MrBrainsample has kicked will from #onebutan (.)
* removes ban on *!*
* will ( has joined #onebutan
* CupertinoBudLord420 gives channel operator status to will
* MrBrainsample sets ban on *!*
* MrBrainsample has kicked will from #onebutan (.)
<stopmakingsense> but this will be more like 15-20hrs/wk
<RAruler> that's like what, $2.50/hr canadian?
<Hodapp> unban supermike you queer
<stopmakingsense> then the 7 hours shes working now
* MrBrainsample has quit (User has been permanently banned from buttesnet (no reason))


(22.22 / 18)

buttesnet #onebutan

<wsc> why is it easier for me to get up in the morning when i was up until 3am drinking and smoking weed the night before
<wsc> mroach answer: clearly i should stay up until 3 drinking every night
<mroach> actually i drank so much last night i passed out before midnight


(22.22 / 18)


04:29 <@JacksonBrown> problem: my orange bag clashes with my pink bike
04:29 <@JacksonBrown> what should I do?

Comment: Fag


(31.03 / 29)

synirc #currentevents

<Hawkline> vomit kills more americans than terrorists i think


(25 / 20)

< harrybozack> I dont know perl but how could it be


(29.17 / 24)


<incog> The card bears the royal crest plus the shamrock, daffodil, thistle and rose representing the four countries of UK
<incog> the irish and the scots are weeds
<incog> figures


(28.57 / 21)


<incog> breaking jews: 6.5 earthquake in mexico
<incog> no deaths, everybody slept through it


(28.57 / 21)


<lncog> The family aspect of the Fable series will be further built upon, it will be possible to get married, have sex and have children.
<lncog> The sex aspect, relatively unimportant in the first game, has also been built upon significantly. Players will be able to choose to have protected or unprotected sex, and by extension choose whether or not to have a child. Female player characters will become pregnant, and they will undergo the relevant physical changes.[13] Sex will, however, fade to black as in Fable.[14] Same-sex marriages, as in the first game, will be possible.[14]
<lncog> i hope none of the testers have tried to fuck a kid in the game yet and it leave it unpatched


(30.43 / 23)

buttesnet #cockes

<@a43> There once was a goon from Nantucket
<@a43> He'd put all his food in a bucket
<@a43> Like marshmallows and ham
<@a43> and ranch dressing and jam
<@a43> and plop down a straw and just suck it


(35.48 / 31)


<DiKKy> what do u think we did since we were so busy we couldnt eat or sleep for 3 days?
<KiSSy> sucked dicks
<DiKKy> sum of dat yeah


(34.48 / 29)


<NintendoKid> i get that a lot irl. thakns.
<NintendoKid> iiam is a genius and i dont know if you knwo this but he is a highly respected operator on buttesnet.
<NintendoKid> he can probably read what youre saying right now so is uggest you shut the fuck up about him.
<NintendoKid> ill just go ahead and forward that little comment to him anwyay you dumb loser.
<NintendoKid> enjoy your (possible) gline forever.
<NintendoKid> maybe you should more heavily consider who you burn on buttesnett from now on.
<NintendoKid> i cant wait to see you log off when iiam gets back im going to know exactly what its from.

Comment: Private message to Catbus


(25 / 16)

trufflemongers #gapp

-!- arab is now known as jax
<jax> hi!
<jax> amat: would you care for a half an hour of excitement and unbirthing inside my cavernous jaxina ^_~
<anisotropy> ahahahaha
<Jmax> i am getting aroused
<jax> same
<amat> vxp goes bonkers when you mention jax
-!- You're now known as jaxina
<jaxina> rivers of shivering f@motion are flowing down my & as we speak
<Jmax> he is in luv
<jaxina> ^_!
<Jmax> jax & vax(pirate)
<jaxina> jax to da max
<Jmax> jax & vax // indian & arab // in harmony


(25 / 16)

buttes #chatkrew

<@ChattyCathy> fuck rollin with the fatties
<@ChattyCathy> i was at petco the other day
<@ChattyCathy> buyin cat litter
<@ChattyCathy> and there was a fyne ass blonde chick workin the register
<@ChattyCathy> givin me the sexy hamburger eyes
<@ChattyCathy> like im lookin like a hamburger and shes stranded on a desert island
< zeba> Did you say "Hey babe, I'm going to chat about this on IRC tomorrow."
< Ody> xd
<@ChattdoleeezaCherrice> irlollllllllllllllllllll


(25 / 16)


<h8crime> i had an entire channel on ignore a while ago


(27.78 / 18)

Buttesnet #onebutan

<@pre> Winkie: internet detectives will get this
<@pre> and hopefully a reversal of fortune happens
<@pre> especially since the retard put his full name in the pictures
<@pre> dontfuckwithtrentlott
<@stabby> hahahaha


(30 / 20)

EFnet #sad

>>> emopart/#sad (lopl!~Cheking@ ()
<kri3g> hacker scanning the premises
<aravim> i hope he didnt notice you
<aravim> bc ur so ugly
<kri3g> owo thats so mean
<kri3g> u have permanently lowered my self esteem
<aravim> why dont you go play some aoe2 over it
<kri3g> thanks a lot faggot
<aravim> you aoe2 playing faggot
<kri3g> i dont have time for your e-mockery !
<aravim> why did you have time to intersperse a non sequitur whitespace in between the exclamation mark plus the sentence that which you purported to invoke signifance upon
<kri3g> u think im gonan read that long sentence?
<aravim> trolled into persuading you into that belief
<klatuu> trolled into making you type that last message
<aravim> trolled into necessitating a response, in accordance with my plot
<klatuu> trolled into making you type that last message
<aravim> trolled into deterministic self-reinforcing tautological descend down into the abyss of rational seclusion
<klatuu> trolled into making you type that last message
<aravim> trolled into static significance
<aravim> trolled into silence
<klatuu> <retort>
<aravim> trolled into shallow retort
<klatuu> trolled into trolling
<aravim> trolled into trolling
<klatuu> trolled into making you type that last message
<aravim> trolled into making you type that last message


(30 / 20)


<zapanig> but you're more likely to hang out with the other black kid at mealtime anyway
<rolloffle> is that like an oblique fried chicken joke or some such
<zapanig> no
<zapanig> wait
<zapanig> do you even like fried chicken
<zybl0re> who the hell doesn't like fried chicken
<zapanig> i know right
<zapanig> there are lots of whites in the cafeteria on fried chicken day
<zapanig> at least here in the South
<zybl0re> fat fucking southerners because they won't eat it unless it's been battered and thrown in a deep fryer
<zapanig> yeah that shit is how i got this giant gall stone
<zapanig> im happy to eat it all the time though
<rolloffle> zapanig: yeah I like fried chicken, who doesn't?
<zybl0re> rolloffle: yeah welcome to yesterday
<zybl0re> 23:58 <&zybl0re> who the hell doesn't like fried chicken
<zybl0re> Day changed to 15 Sep 2008
<zybl0re> 00:01 < rolloffle> zapanig: yeah I like fried chicken, who doesn't?
<rolloffle> lol


(30 / 20)

buttesnet #cockes

<necco> becuase they have succeded in denying the islam evil
<necco> and accepting Christ into their hearts
<incog> i dont have any free space in my heart
<Leftmost> incog, delete Internet Explorer cache
<incog> k


(30 / 20)

buttes #cockes

<@ScheisseGern> octalc0de: are yo uabout to go to linden
<@ScheisseGern> you should
<@octalc0de> ScheisseGern: i've got to vaccuum


(23.08 / 13)


<afed> My kids had the following conversation at the store yesterday, very loudly, and within ear shot of several other customers:
<afed> John (4 years old): Barack Obama, and the devil, and the government are worser than anything else in the world.
<afed> Isaac (5 years old): Mom, John actually told me that he thinks Barack Obama is worse than the faggots.
<afed> i wonder if the four year old says "faggot" in that weird clipped way that bigots sometimes do


(23.08 / 13)

buttesnet #onebutan

<andrzej> vmware doesn't do some magic jewery to support 64bit virtualization on a 32bit cpu?

Comment: no, andrzej


(26.67 / 15)

buttesnet #onebutan

< ScheisseGern> my opponent will raise taxes on type declarations
<@swingler> my opponent will upgrade to java 6 one day just because he has extra time
< ScheisseGern> people in pennsylvania cling to comments and type declarations
< ScheisseGern> and distrust of interpreters
< zeba> I say enough of that! I say we should infer the types that WE WANT!
< mith> zeba: Mixins we can believe in!


(37.93 / 29)

buttesnet #cockes

<olli-pekka> :( i am so fucking disappointed that sun managed to gpl java =(
<olli-pekka> i bet zeba is rejoicing so much that his asshole splits in half


(29.41 / 17)

trufflemongers #r4l-social


Comment: gas reporting is mandatory


(29.41 / 17)

buttesnet #anti

< jewrockwell> yo
< jewrockwell> i just watched max payne
< jewrockwell> i didnt know it was based on a true story
< jewrockwell> apparently there is really a max payne
< jewrockwell> he was a video game character


(34.78 / 23)

buttes #cockes

<Catbus> unlike moira i have a gf that i actually like lol
<Catbus> i just realized that
<moira_> uh, actually liking your girlfriend is an obvious sign of emotional immaturity


(33.33 / 21)


<zapanig> i need some art to represent the animals i've killed with my car
<zapanig> i want to make a magnetic sign so i can post my score on the trunk lid
<rolloffle> you live in the South, don't you


(33.33 / 21)


<zapanig>                ,,,,aaaaaaaa,,,,,
<zapanig>            ,,adJEWJEW' '$JEWJEWba,
<zapanig>         ,,a$$JEWJEW'  ,JEWJEWJEWJEWa,
<zapanig>       ,JEWJEWJEW'  ,,JEWJEWJEWJEWJEW$$,,
<zapanig>  :$JEWJEWJEW,  'JEWJEWJEWJEW'  ,,,  'JEWJEW:
<zapanig>  $JEWJEWJEWJEW,,  '$$JEWJEW'  ,$JEW,,  'JEW$$
<zapanig>                ,,,,aaaaaaaa,,,,,
<zapanig>            ,,adJEWJEW' '$JEWJEWba,
<zapanig>         ,,a$$JEWJEW'  ,JEWJEWJEWJEWa,
<zapanig>       ,JEWJEWJEW'  ,,JEWJEWJEWJEWJEW$$,,
<zapanig> :JEWJEWJEWJEWJEW,  '$JEW'  ,,$$JEWJEW,  'JEW:
<zapanig> :JEW,  'JEWJEW$$'  ,,JEW$,  'JEWJEWJEWJEWJEW:
<zapanig>  :$JEWJEWJEW,  'JEWJEWJEWJEW'  ,,,  'JEWJEW:
<zapanig>  $JEWJEWJEWJEW,,  '$$JEWJEW'  ,$JEW,,  'JEW$$
<zapanig>  $$JEW,,  'JEW$'  ,JEWJEW$$,,  'JEWJEWJEWJEW$ 
<zapanig>  'JEWJEW,  ''  ,,JEWJEWJEWJEW,  'JEWJEWJEW$'
<zapanig> :JEWJEWJEWJEWJEW,  '$JEW'  ,,$$JEWJEW,  'JEW:
<zapanig> :JEW,  'JEWJEW$$'  ,,JEW$,  'JEWJEWJEWJEWJEW:
<zapanig>       'Y$JEWJEWJEWJEWJEW'  ,,$JEWJEW$Y' 
<zapanig>         'YJEWJEWJEWJEW'  ,$JEWJEW$Y'
<zapanig>            '*$JEWJEW$,, ,,JEWJEW$*'
<zapanig>                """********"""
<zapanig>  $$JEW,,  'JEW$'  ,JEWJEW$$,,  'JEWJEWJEWJEW$ 
<zapanig>  'JEWJEW,  ''  ,,JEWJEWJEWJEW,  'JEWJEWJEW$'
<zapanig>       'Y$JEWJEWJEWJEWJEW'  ,,$JEWJEW$Y' 
<zapanig>         'YJEWJEWJEWJEW'  ,$JEWJEW$Y'
<zapanig>            '*$JEWJEW$,, ,,JEWJEW$*'
<zapanig>                """********"""
<rolloffle> self-ruined
<zapanig> oh weak
<incog> maybe if i had an OLED display
<incog> and folded it up like a mad magazine spread


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hardchats #anti

<ukekud> msging girls on irc is always like having a chat w/your dick gently resting on the table
<ukekud> not erect
<ukekud> you know
<ukekud> just kinda sitting out there


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buttesnet #flashsupport

<@sw_ngler> and hardball has been played.
<@sw_ngler> "Declined. I will not sign any form stating that my departure from the company is voluntary. "
<@sw_ngler> your move, shithead
< shithead> Give or take part in a fire.} {tell [name] to die an eating-related death.} {oh shithead you are shithead you are shithead you are a lot of little niceties that an x11 addict will enjoy. When i'm fealing hardcore, i still run good old fashioned bitchx.

Comment: censored and I don't think shithead was really listening


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buttesnet #onebutan

< Shaniqua> [lots of lolqdb dumps about mroach]
<@swingler> a lot of these are "lol mroach is fat"
<@Skroob> mroach is fat?
<@swingler> by european standards at least


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<KiSSy> rolloffle: did you hear
<KiSSy> I died in hurricane ike
<incog> KiSSy, how is death
<KiSSy> it's kinda boring sometimes


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<@wangzang> o hey wow i think mikes'n on a torrrent
<@wangzang> uncapped probably
<@wangzang> awesome
<@pamplmoose> wut?
<@pamplmoose> who's mike
<@wangzang> huh
<@wangzang> my roommate
<@wangzang> well, one of 'em
<@pamplmoose> do you sleep with him
<@wangzang> no
<@pamplmoose> because that always ends up in trouble
<@pamplmoose> that's good
<@wangzang> i knew you were going to ask that though, fag.
<@pamplmoose> i knew you were going to lie
<@wangzang> haha
<@wangzang> shit :(


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<@CaptainPsyko> The only latex I use comes in a 1 inch square package.
<BonzoESC> lol for you more like 1mm square
<@io_burn> UUUUU
<@io_burn> LLLL
<@io_burn> TTTT
<@io_burn> RRRR
<@io_burn> AAAA
<@io_burn> snap


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buttesnet #onebutan

<kalleboo> it's cool though you can get on it and sit n the restaurant for hours and roam back and forth between sonofon and tele2
<mike> lovely

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